In recent years, there have been more and more foreign students enrolled in the College of Nuclear Science and Technology (CNST). For the foreign students, improving Chinese proficiency can help them study and live better in China. For Chinese students, increasing language communication opportunities can enhance the oral English and listening competence . For this purpose, the CNST decided to organize the language practice and mutual assistance activities.

       The first enhancement of language competence activity was held in the room 502, 21B teaching building from 3pm to 5pm, 15th September. 27 foreign students and 33 Chinese students actively participated in the event it energetically.

       Gao puzhen, Associate deputy dean Dean of the School of Nuclear Science,CNST presided overchaired the first event activity, and introduced the purpose of the language improvement activities of the college this activity to the students. She hoped that everyone can should grasp seize this opportunity and to improve their the language skills. Ms Yi Ruiying, the teacher from Educational Administration Office The teacher of the Academic Affairs Office, Yi ruiying, is will be responsible for organizing every activity. each specific event.


       International The foreign students and Chinese students are grouped to communicate with each other. Firstly, Chinese exchanges are conducted. Foreign students learn daily language expression from Chinese students. Then they exchange communicated with English and discussed how to improve the language improvement activities of the collegethis activity. Everyone has made a precious commentproposed valuable advice.

          Until 30th September 30th, the college CNST has held three times language practice and mutual assistance activities which are become more and more popular with foreign and Chinese students. language improvement activities. All the students kept high enthusiasm to participate in this activity. The international students and Chinese students who participated in the event are very welcome and enthusiastic. They believe that this activity is very helpful and can to improve the language communication ability, in addition, it can promote the cultural exchanges and friendship between Chinese and foreign students. The Nuclear InstituteCNST hopes that it will attract more and more students will to join the event and make progress together.this activity and achieve the common progress.