April 3rd to 6, should be invited to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the relevant personnel vice president Zhang Zhijian and China rate of nuclear Institute of Atomic Energy Research Institute Vice President Ye Guoan formed a delegation, on behalf of China went to Austria Vienna to participate in the International Atomic Energy Agency headquarters held a fast reactor and related fuel cycle: the nuclear generation system to promote sustainable development the plan (FR17) structure of the International Council for scientific planning meeting. This meeting is the FR17 International Conference held in Russian Federation in June 2017 Yekatelinbao of the Committee of experts consultation and preparatory meeting, more than 40 representatives from Chinese, Russia, EU, OECD and IAEA and other countries and organizations attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the representatives of our school conducted consultations with the head of the IAEA nuclear power division on the basis of the school's participation in the development of the standards and principles of the sodium cooled fast reactor simulator, and reached the relevant intentions. IAEA expressed his gratitude to our school for its contribution to the development of International Atomic Energy and expressed his commendation for the international contribution made by our school and his team. Zhang Zhijian on behalf of the school to China in front of IAEA delegation reported students training, scientific research, international exchanges and other matters, the delegation of the school fully affirmed the work, thanks to our school training, students in the field of international cooperation mechanism to support the work in front of the delegation and Chinese atom. The representative of our school also consulted with the head of the nuclear security division of the IAEA nuclear safety and nuclear security department of China to join the nuclear safety personnel education network.

It is reported that the representatives of our school, as members of the Organizing Committee of the FR17 conference, are responsible for reviewing the papers submitted by the general assembly, screening and grouping them, and together with other members to determine the invitation report and invitation report of the group, as well as the contents of the youth forum. Professor Zhang Zhijian was elected as the co chair of track6, the largest group of FR17 international conferences, and invited invited papers at the FR17 conference.