International Academic Salon on Nuclear Science and Technology held

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  On 25/10/2019, the College of Nuclear Science and Technology (CNST), Harbin Engineering University (HEU) hosted the provincial International Academic Salon on Nuclear Science and Technology organized by the Hei Long Jiang Province Nuclear Society (HPNS). The event was put together to further discussed progress in the field of nuclear science and technology with the international graduate students of the CNST.

  The event kicked off at exactly 08:45 in Room 370 of Building 31 with an opening address by Prof. Fuqiu MA, This was followed swiftly by a brief introduction of attendees.

  Three (3) invited Speakers were present;

Prof Guoxin TIAN, a Chief Scientist in Nuclear Chemistry, China Institute of Atomic Energy who also doubles as an adjunct Professor of Nuclear Engineering Scientist at Harbin Engineering University. His research field includes the fundamental research on transuranic separation and nuclear fuel cycle having more than 100 papers published with over 70 papers indexed by SCI and 5 items authorized the national patent.

  Wang Xiang, an associate professor & Master’s Supervisor at Harbin Engineering University, China. He is currently a reviewer for some industry journals and has established cooperation relationship with the Technical University of Munich, Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Preussen Elektra Co., Germany, the National Nuclear Energy Research Center of Poland, and the Szczecin University of Poland.

Yongde YAN, PhD is a full professor at Harbin Engineering University, a PhD supervisor in Materials Science and Engineering and also masters’ supervisor in Chemical Engineering and Technology.                    


  Prof. TIAN was first to make his presentation which was titled; Actinides and Fission Products Separation in Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing. He started by enumerating spent fuel current situation per countries and proceeded to giving detailed reprocessing processes of spent fuel and various technique and concept employed in the separation of fusion products. This was a very interesting area that led to several questions and answers but the session was cut short to give time for other presenter.

  Tingting LIU of HEU/CIAE presented a Study on the Coordination of Amidoxime Small Molecule Ligands with Uranyl Ions Under Seawater Conditions and went to present another report on some separation technique in the reprocessing process. 

  Ten (10) minutes tea break was observed and group photograph was also taken in this time. Thereafter Three (3) students of the college took turns to present finding from their most recent work.


  This led to the discussion session which was highly interactive and engaging as the students, some of whom are newly admitted students in the college, took turns in sharing their concerns and seek answers to diverse questions. Some of which includes global perception towards nuclear power plants construction and why China is giving increasing interest. A student seeked Professor TIAN’s advice to newcomer countries while another was concern about china’s preparedness for used fuel depository. There was also interest by an attendee to know the available opportunities for graduate in acquiring field experience before being absorb into the mainstream of nuclear power plants operations. The question went on and on, but the highly experienced professors where equal to the task as they provided satisfying answers to all the questions.

   At the end of the program, the over 40 attendees were visibly seen excited and exchanged pleasantry. They expressed their appreciate to both the speakers and the organizer for such an enlightening activity.

  More Photos from the event.