CNST International Graduate Students of HEU on Academic visits to Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant

Author:Solomon BELLOHits:27Update time:2019-09-24

As part of measures to ensure that students combine experience with class teachings in order to get practical exposure to what is being taught,the College of Nuclear Science and Technology (CNST) in conjunction with the College of International Cooperative Education (CICE) organized a 2days academic excursion for the International Graduate Students in the CNST to visit the Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant (Chinese:红沿河核电站) being operated by the CGN (China General Nuclear Power Group, 中广核)  from the 18th to 20th of September, 2019.

The company formerly China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (Chinese: 中国广东核电集团), is a major energy corporation and has operating nuclear plants at Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, Ling Ao Nuclear Power Plant, Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant and Ningde Nuclear Power Plant, with five new nuclear power stations under construction and another 2 planned.

The visited Hongyanhe NPP, is located in Donggang Town, Wafangdian in the Liaoning Province of China. The site is within the Prefecture-level city of Dalian it has 4 operational units with 2 under construction. The first unit started commercial operation in June 2013.

Due to the increasing number of graduate students (PhD and Masters), and the limited number of allowable visitors into the plants considering it security, the College divided the students into 2 groups. 1st group departed on the 18th and returned on 19th while the 2nd group took off on the 19th and came back on 20th.

On arrival at the company vicinity, the students were first welcomed with a sumptuous breakfast and an overview of the activities for the day delivered.

Since safety and security is of essence especially in such environment, the students were later led to the briefing/lecture hall for series of training session on;

1.      1.General Introduction of CGN by Mr. Wang Haoyu,

2.      2.NPP Entrance Safety Training by Mr. Mao Yixin,

3.      3.Introduction to the LHNPP Full Scope Simulator Training Programme by Mr. Tian Xinyu.

Mr. Tian further led the student on a tour of the Full Scope Simulation training room used for the LHNP operation where he explained the various functions of each of the work stations in the huge hall.

Next point of call was the Exhibition hall for the design and construction of the 4 operational units and the 2 units under construction. The student took the opportunity to get first hand answers and clarification to their numerous questions directly from the representative of the owners and operators of the plants.  

To a lot of the students, this visit was the very first they had ever undertaking to a Nuclear Power Plant and they see it as a rare privilege.

Finally, group photographs of each of the visiting group were taking and both the students and the accompanied teachers exchange pleasantries with their host before departure.

Representative of the College International Graduate Students, Mr. Solomon Bello, a 2nd year PhD student from Nigeria, expresses the student’s appreciation to the colleges (CNST and CICE) and the HEU in general for the efforts put in to giving them such a highly educative and fun filled experience.