Ministry of Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center Researcher Liu Fudong Gives a Lecture

Author:Shen Geyu Gao Puzhen 王菲Hits:86Update time:2019-03-19

On March 16, 2019, researcher Liu Fudong, director of the institute of nuclear and radiation safety of the ministry of environmental protection and doctoral supervisor, delivered an academic lecture titled international NORM research progress and current management situation in China in room 21B103. The lecture is a postgraduate course of the College of Nuclear Science and Technology.

Liu first introduced the definition, range and radiation characteristics of natural radioactive materials (NORM). He explained and distinguished some commonly confused terms in radiation protection. Based on his own experience as the only Chinese expert in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) icrp-norm working group participating in the IAEA NORM management rules discussion, he introduced NORM's management situation and rules in China and proposed some Suggestions on NORM's management based on China's experience in international work. The report introduces the hierarchical management of NORM by the international atomic energy agency (IAEA), Canada and the European Union, and reflects the international research status and latest progress in this field.

In light of his own experience in IAEA NORM work, in which he expressed his opinions, fully demonstrated and gained recognition, Liu Fudong talked about his own experience. One should have patriotic feelings. Only when the motherland is strong can one have status and dignity in international affairs. The students received patriotic education.

After the end of the report, the teachers and students at the meeting consulted researcher Liu on various questions, and researcher Liu answered the questions carefully and in detail.