Researcher Bai Yanling Gives a Talk about Proton Therapy to the College of Nuclear Science and Technology

Author:Shen gening 王菲Hits:86Update time:2019-03-08

On the afternoon of March 5, Research Bai Yanling, director of the Department of Radiation Physics of Harbin Medical University Cancer Hospital gave a lecture about  Proton Therapy Technology on the Nuclear Science and Technology Progress in the 21B103 classroom. The lecture was a graduate course in the College of Nuclear Science and Technology (CNST). Nearly 100 graduate students, international students and some teachers from CNST listened to the report.

In the lecture, firstly, Director Bai introduced the development state of proton therapy, and then introduced the dosimetric absorption characteristics of protons and the advantages and development prospects of protons for tumor therapy in detail; Thirtly explained the factors affecting the proton range uncertainty and the mechanism of influence, that is, the range of protons is sensitive to changes in tissue density; and the magnitude of the proton range uncertainty and range robustness will affect the treatment plan. Therefore, clinical medical physicists are required to study the clinical physics problems of proton therapy. These clinical physics problems and medical quality and medical safety are of great importance.

Director Bais lecture aroused great interest from the teachers and students. Director Bai gave a warm and detailed answer to the questions raised by the students.

Through the report, gave a deep understanding of proton therapy technology to the students and also promoted the communication. The lecture come to a successful conclusion.